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Visual Navigator Software

Visual Navigator exists to solve the very real problem of user engagement with software, especially changes to systems they've previously got used to using.


The goal is to make life simple and quick for end users to get the job done.  This massively aids adoption and reduces the training burden.


Completely configurable to match your company’s branding and look and feel.



Connecting people to processes, documents and data is critical.


The role of software is to enable that, but how many times have we all heard grumblings from users that their software is complicated, difficult to use and downright clunky?


The design of the User Interface (UI) is critical in achieving engagement, driving usage and in turn delivering efficiency and Return on Investment (ROI).


We regard your users as the ultimate customers of our software. We have to get them on board. Visual Navigator does that.


Singlepoint Visual Navigator is the ultimate user interface (UI) design and navigation tool.


Standard UI design not working for you?With Visual Navigator you are now in charge of the design of the user interface that you think best suits the needs of your people.


Whether it’s operators needing to access work instructions and drawings, engineers needing to raise engineering change requests, supervisors and managers needing views of critical operational data or the CEO of the company wanting to view dashboards and process animations,


Visual Navigator is the answer.


Engagement from your users is key, as is their efficiency in using the software.


Visual Navigator simultaneously solves the engagement problem and delivers efficiency.


It achieves this by giving users what they want – quick and easy-to-use screens that they can relate to and that allow them to get the job done and take them where they need to go.


You can design different pages and screens for different roles and departments and this gives you these same benefits right across the company.

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