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Training Matrix Software

Imagine being able to see a real time view of all your people’s skills, training achieved and not yet achieved and then being able to compare that to the roles that you’re employing them to fulfil.


Imagine being able to instantly see outstanding training requirements or being able to move a worker from one area to another, safe in the knowledge that all of the training requirements are met and up-to-date.


This is Training Matrix.



Your people want to perform well and your business needs them to be the best they can be.


At the same time, you must ensure their safety and well-being at work. Things constantly change; new demands are put on them to learn changes to procedures, how to use new equipment, to observe new health and safety practices.


The threat of coronavirus in the workplace means it has never been more important to have the best possible systems for tracking and managing each individual’s current training and skills requirements.


Training Matrix is the complete tracking, recording and planning tool.


This module aims to bring an individual employee’s Skills, Qualifications, Work Areas, Training Events and Records into one dynamic and inter-linked view.


Against an individual employee’s record we have created separate data stores for Skills, Training Requirements, Competency Levels, Qualifications and Documents. Outstanding or expired/lapsed training needs are flagged automatically in the system.


This results in a powerful tool that lets you quickly query the data across all records.


With Training Matrix, you will never miss another training need again.


It’s all too easy for one person’s training on a certain area to lapse, or for a new revision of a procedure document to come out, and for these requirements to fall through the cracks.


But not with Training Matrix.


At any one time, you will see a real-time view of each and every person’s current training and skills status, allowing you and your colleagues to pro-actively manage the gaps to ensure top level performance, health and safety, and legal compliance. 

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