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Supplier Management Software and Systems

The important role of suppliers to a business’s operational efficiency is plain for all to see.


What’s not always so obvious is the data and the information that really matters when it comes to compliance and legal due diligence.


And keeping control is only half the story – providing controlled access to your colleagues, where appropriate, is just as important.



Are you up to date with your suppliers’ certifications and submissions? Can you quickly lay your hands on the current terms of service agreement? Do you know when it needs to be reviewed? When is the next audit due?


You really need to be in control of these and many other questions relating to a supplier.


Multiply that by your total number of suppliers and you have got a serious job on your hands.  


Supplier Management is a centralised location for all of your suppliers’ key documentation. It also helps you track and manage which documents are coming up for review and renewal and which suppliers’ documents are out of date and / or missing.


Supplier Management will automatically email your colleagues and suppliers when actions become due.


Fully integrated into the other Singlepoint modules – this allows you to create seamless links from your key business processes and feed into a formal lessons learned system.


Supplier Management will put you in total control of this critical process.


Important actions and tasks can no longer fall through the cracks because the system provides full visibility and traceability.


You can more easily demonstrate compliance – auditors and customers will recognise the “systemic” approach you have taken to managing and tracking each supplier’s current approval status alongside all of the required documentation.


Fully integrated into Singlepoint Radar BI, dashboards and reports will help you visualise trends and data.

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