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Risk Management Software and Systems

In a post Covid-19 world, it’s never been more important to provide a safe work environment for staff, contractors and visitors.


Singlepoint Risk Manager will help you analyse, track and record ‘risk’ in various areas of your business.


This module will give you the ability to carefully, clearly and logically define risk and link and track mitigating tasks and actions..



All businesses have to consider ‘risk’, be that physical risk in a manufacturing environment, or risk to the business financially, operationally and even its reputation.


However, the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has changed the risk landscape forever.


Physical risk is no longer restricted to production and logistics areas; open plan offices, break areas, reception and meeting spaces, to name but a few, will all have to be rigorously risk assessed and in this new environment the legal risk to your business is profound.


Risk Manager is built on our Process Design Platform, which means it can be easily adapted to work in the exact way your business needs it to.

Using ‘Likelihood’ (L) x ‘Severity’ (S) values, risks are systematically evaluated and control measures applied to reduce the risk.


The system individually records hazards and lets you assign trackable mitigation actions to users.


Automatic email notifications support the process at every stage. Actions, data and results are recorded automatically, building into a full audit trail.


Risk Manager will put you in total control of this critical process.


Manual methods such as paper or spreadsheet based processes are slow, time consuming and error prone and they rarely, if ever, provide real insight into the true state of the process.


With Risk Manager, the best practice is built in, meaning nothing gets missed and the automated workflow execution means you’ll save time whilst rigorously applying the process to ensure full compliance and a safer working environment for staff, contractors and visitors.

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