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Radar BI Software

The whole world is on a quest for access to real-time data, and who wouldn’t want to get their hands and eyes on the key business information that tells the real story that lies behind the processes.


We feel the same way, in fact we are passionate about it. 

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Getting access to up-to-date management data is not easy.


To start with, the data is often buried away in disparate files and other locations and bringing it together manually is often the only real option you have.


That’s not a good situation to be in; the data will always be outdated, an excessive amount of human time will have been used to bring it together and it will often only tell half the story. 


One of the biggest pay-offs of automated process management in Singlepoint is access to instant and real-time dashboards and reports through Radar BI (Business Intelligence).


Radar BI is fully integrated into Singlepoint but it can also be connected to non-Singlepoint data sources, meaning it could be your ‘one-stop’ for business intelligence across the company.


Easy to use, you won’t need to be a programmer to get great results from Radar BI.


Leave old manual methods of management reporting in spreadsheets behind and save oceans of precious time and get instant reports and dashboards with real-time data.


Making insightful decisions becomes significantly easier when you have accurate, real-time data to guide you.


Most companies struggle to solve this problem because they never move out of a world held back by manual processes coupled with manual reporting techniques.


Data is literally modern day gold dust. Radar BI will help you realise its potential.

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