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R&D Project Management Software

For many customers in manufacturing and R&D, ‘project management’ often relates to New Product Introduction (NPI).


Managing stage gate/phased processes and all of the tasks, activities and people that make up the entire effort to bring a new, high quality product to market on time is tough.


ProjectPoint is a simple but effective solution.



Microsoft ProjectTM is the de facto software tool of choice for project managers and anyone faced with the job of assembling tasks into stages and gateways, milestones and so on.


In our experience, however, many of our customers struggle to bridge the information gap between what should be happening as per the project plan, and what in reality is actually taking place.


It’s very common for such plans to easily fall out of sync with reality, which in turn tends to lead to project slip.


In ProjectPoint, we have combined the power of Microsoft ProjectTM and Singlepoint to bring you a solution to solve the ‘information gap’ problem and to bring all of your people and processes together in one seamless view and work area.


The central philosophy of Singlepoint is to provide a common, real-time, workplace for your people to see and work on events, tasks, documents and reports.


This delivers a ‘one version of the truth’ solution, essential when you have teams of people working simultaneously on multiple projects. 


One common, real-time, comprehensive project management, task management and reporting workspace for you and your team.


Whether you are a manager of projects and / or people, or whether you are a user focusing on your own tasks and actions, ProjectPoint has got it all.


Built on our highly flexible Singlepoint Business Process Management Platform; we have designed what we feel is the complete project task workspace for you and your users, however, because of the BPM platform, we can modify this design as required.

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