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Singlepoint - Business Process Platform

Syncronology's flagship product.

Flexible, Powerful, Agile.

Each product in the Singlepoint suite is developed to address a specific and complex functional area.  Our product teams focus on defining what 'world-class' should be in a particular area - for example engineering change control, incident management or risk management - and then design and build the product to deliver absolute and comprehensive excellence in that area.

Crucially, all of our modules are designed on Singlepoint's Business Process Management platform - that means nothing is 'hard coded' and everything can be easily and economically adapted to suit the exact way you want to work.

Every module is built to combine seamlessly with the other modules to deliver complete solutions.

Take a look at the range of individual Singlepoint products below.


The Singlepoint product suite

APQP Manager

Process Control and Smart Document Production

Audit Manager

Automate and streamline

your internal audit program

Calibration Manager

Proactive alert-driven calibration control, tracking and traceability

Change Manager

Proactive alert-driven change control, tracking and traceability

Competency Checker

Ensure and capture people capability and compliance


Manage on-site Contractor approvals and safety


Class leading, compliance strength, enterprise wide

Incident Manager

Capture, triage, resolve and analyse all incident types


Rules-based automation of all non-conformance issues


Knowledge driven continuous improvement


Project control, risk visibility, collaborative workspace

Radar BI

Real-time, drillable dashboards and reports


Evaluate and

mitigate risk


Control supplier documentation and actions

Leave & Absence

Automation of time, people and leave  

Training Matrix

Live view of people, skills and training requirements


Your screen is a canvas - imagine it then build it

Swap spreadheet overload for

genuine business automation

Business Process Platform
All Singlepoint modules with the exception of Document Control and Radar BI
are designed on Singlepoint's own on-board powerful process design platform

"We have come to rely on Singlepoint as one of our day-to-day systems. Previously, our quality management system was on top of us - now we are on top of it."

Fons Maex, CEO Kim's Chocolates

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