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Process Automation Management Software


Syncronology has built a very successful business over the past 15-20 years by helping businesses get better at what they do.


This can be distilled down into taking tired, manual processes that don’t have a proper IT home and instead exist in manual means such as spreadsheets.


Our solutions transform these tired processes and give them a new lease of life and getting them really performing for the value of your business.


The Business Problem


We’ll never forget the day when we met up with the IT Director of what is today one our biggest customers.


The meeting was a 6 monthly review and, at the time, the customer had been using Singlepoint for two years. He coined a phrase that has stuck with us ever since.

"I absolutely love Singlepoint", he said with a glint in his eye. “It’s a Spreadsheet Killer!” 


We knew straight away what he meant.

Our Approach

Clearly, spreadsheets have a place.


We are not on a mission to ban their use completely; far from it.


However, we are strong proponents of the notion that using spreadsheets to try to run your business is not a proper use of that technology and is really not a good idea.


Processes running in Singlepoint come to life.


It’s powerful and flexible. It’s also capable of integration with your legacy systems.

Process Management Modules






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