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Lessons Learned Projectment Management Software 

Continuous Improvement is a central pillar of any high-performing company’s philosophy, and ‘learning lessons’ from mistakes, issues and other process failures is a time-honoured objective.


However, without a system and a formal process, this very well intentioned goal can easily become little more than lip service.


Our Lessons Learned module will change all of that.



The world’s top companies will extol the benefits of a well managed lessons learned program.


Putting that into practice is a different story. In our experience, one of the main problems is one of location – where do we log and track ‘lessons’ and where do we go to see if it’s happened before so we can ‘learn’ from it?


Users need access wherever they are, no matter how many other people are using the system.


An effective system needs to be trackable and searchable.


Singlepoint Lessons Learned is a collaborative tool that helps you identify, record and understand how, where and why things have gone wrong and provides the tools you need to put measures in place to improve your future performance.


It becomes the ‘Go To’ location for all users on the Singlepoint platform.


Fully searchable, users can quickly access past events and access the knowledge to help them deal with the problem they’re facing.


Deploying Singlepoint Lessons Learned within your organisation will drive continuous improvement and turn a goal into a real system that users can use and benefit from.


Past knowledge is easily accessible in the context of current problems.


Systemic improvement is achieved by an analytical process that obliges improvement tasks be implemented downstream.


These are trackable, which means things won’t fall through the cracks as they so often do normally.

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