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Leave and Absence Management Software & Systems

Singlepoint Leave & Absence helps you track and manage your people’s holiday requests and periods of absence.


Using this module will speed up the process of your staff requesting holiday and getting it approved.


It will improve accuracy and will help to avoid those instances where you have too many people in the same role off at the same time.



When your people request leave via a manual process, things can easily go wrong.


Communication can also be a problem, resulting in the process taking too long. Unless the leave approver can see an up-to-date holiday calendar for the team, mistakes can get made when other people are also away, resulting with little or no cover for a certain job role.


Tracking leave allowance remaining is also a problem and disagreements can ensue if the information is not up-to-date and reliable.


Singlepoint Leave & Absence provides a fully electronic means of requesting, approving and recording leave, giving your people a quick, easy and reliable way of requesting their holidays.


It also handles unauthorized absence, i.e. sick leave and other forms of unexpected absence. Users complete a holiday request quickly and easily.


The system is smart enough to consider public holidays and company shutdowns.


Real time access to data and reports as well as instant notifications by email of submissions and approvals.


You’ll save time by replacing manual methods with a fully automated system.


The real-time holiday calendar view ensures that everyone can see the right information at the right time, helping you to avoid mistakes such as authorising leave only to realise later (usually when it’s too late) that you no longer have the right cover for a department or role.


You and your users can see the information in real time which will help avoid disagreements and disappointments.

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