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Indicent Reporting & Injury Claims Software

Singlepoint Incident Manager is the true end-to end solution for managing the crucial process of reporting, tracking, resolving, improving and analysing health and safety related incidents.


Users report custom-defined incident types directly on the module or through the accompanying Smartphone App.


All incident data is stored in one intelligent view, giving you the ability to rate the severity of different incidents, initiate corrective and preventive actions and to generate real-time management reports at the click of a mouse.



In the post-Covid 19 world, keeping on top of key health and safety processes such as managing incidents, accidents, near-misses, hazard-spots etc, has never been more important.


Most, if not all, of the companies that we meet who become customers, would have previously managed and tracked incidents manually, with spreadsheets playing a large role.


Managed this way, the process is slow, non-interactive and barely functional. Data and tasks are hidden from view, and management reporting is a lengthy separate process.


Incident Manager and the accompanying Incident Smartphone App combine to provide you with a fully automated solution that allows you and your users to capture the data quickly, initiate corrective and preventive actions and to thoroughly review and manage approvals, sign-offs and record keeping.


Incident Manager is built on the powerful Singlepoint Business Process Design Platform, which provides infinite flexibility to ensure that Singlepoint works for you in the precise way your business needs it to.


Finally and comprehensively get on top of this critically important process.


Fast and easy-to-use, Incident Manager will drive the best practice that is critical in helping you keep your people safe, day in and day out.


The iOS / Android Smartphone App, offers users a super-fast, easy way to report incidents, near-misses etc.


The automatic audit trail is a rich source of data and of course a key factor in your compliance, which given the added dynamic of anti-coronavirus measures, is going to be more valuable than ever.

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