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Contractor Management Software and Systems

Having Contractors come on site to carry out work is an essential part of any business’s operations.


Making sure they're qualified to carry out the required work is critically important, not just in terms of the quality of the work you're engaging them to do, but also from a health and safety point of view. 


As soon as each Contractor sets foot on your site you are responsible for their safety and well-being.



Are you up to date with your contractors’ certifications and submissions? Can you quickly put your hands on the current terms of service agreement? Do you know when it needs to be reviewed?


Are their workers qualified to carry out the various work you're engaging them to do?


Have they read and understood all of the Health & Safety measures in place that relate to them? Do you have evidence of that?


You really need to have the answers to these and many other questions.


Contractor Manager is a centralised location for all of your contractors' key documentation. It also helps you track and manage which documents are coming up for review and renewal and which suppliers’ documents are out of date and / or missing.


Contractor Manager will automatically email your colleagues and suppliers when actions become due.


Fully integrated into the other Singlepoint modules – such as Document Control - which ensures a systemic approach to managing changes, qualifications and permissions.


Contractor Manager will put you in total control of this critical process. Important actions and tasks can no longer fall through the cracks because the system provides full visibility and traceability.


You can more easily demonstrate compliance – auditors and customers will recognise the “systemic” approach you have taken to managing and tracking each contractor's current approval status alongside all of the required documentation.


Crucially, you will be in control of each contractor's adherence to your health and safety policies, which in the event of a legal challenge could prove invaluable.

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