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Competency Checker Software

In today’s ever more challenging business climate, it’s becoming more and more essential to be able to prove that an individual user has not just opened and read a document but that they have understood its content.


Critical operational, health and safety, production, environmental documents are released and updated constantly. You have to keep up. We can help you do that.



When key business critical documents, such as procedures and work instructions are introduced or updated, it can be very difficult to demonstrate that all of the users that require that information have read and understood the content contained therein.


Not only does this pose a clear practical problem of its own, but will also be problematic when you are unable to demonstrate this understanding to an external or customer auditor.


This can have serious consequences in the case of a breach of health and safety.


Singlepoint Competency Checker is fully integrated with Singlepoint Document Control (DCS).


When a document is released from DCS, you can choose to set up multiple-choice style tests relating to the content of the document, or you can just set simple statements that your users must respond to in order to demonstrate and record their understanding.


If a user cannot demonstrate a good enough understanding this is flagged in the system, and that user’s need for further support and training is clearly identifiable. 


Competency Checker closes a potentially dangerous loop, one that can expose you and your organization to varying levels of risk.


A training need missed can lead to poor product quality.


More seriously, if a health and safety requirement is missed, the consequences can be dire indeed.


Additionally, we must all face up to the new challenges placed on us by the threat of coronavirus in the workplace.


All competency data for each individual person is recorded in a fully date and time stamped audit trail. In the event of legal challenge this audit trail could be invaluable.

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