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Our Clients

The best judges of any business are its customers. We've included a few quotes from some of them here.

We've also included case studies for you to review, organised by Product so that you can get an idea of how other organisations have benefited from working with Syncronology.




Justin Holloway,

SHEQ Manager 

Audits were our main reason for implementing Singlepoint. Internal audits and compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and external audits for health and safety where we are able to utilise the iPad app, which is extremely useful as we can attach photos and do the whole of the audit off-site and not have to be connected. Finally, it is adaptable - workflows could be adapted for Health & Safety processes, audits, ISO conformance, data governance quality standards, etc.


Paul Tucker,

Technical Manager

Since deploying Singlepoint to manage our customer complaint process, we have now moved from a slow, inefficient process to a dynamic, fully automated one. Easy to use screens have replaced lengthy input documents.  On-demand, live data has replaced business critical information buried in spreadsheets. Visibility and efficiency have replaced countless hours lost to manually housekeeping the process.

Hitachi Rail, Europe

Paul Askew, Senior

Document Controller

Singlepoint has been a huge leap forward for us. The tool is incredibly flexible and adaptable and has moved the business on immeasurably from where we were a couple of years ago. We have achieved more with the document control module than we thought and it has also been great to deploy other modules within the suite such as the Audit Manager, Incident Manager and Engineering Change modules.


Tineke Soors, Senior Quality Engineer

We used a manual system before with no consistency; several countries were using different tools and processes to log their Service Errors via email and attached documents which was labour-intensive and impossible to report on. With Singlepoint, all of the information is in one place, everyone gets notifications when a new service error is logged, they’re completing the same information and it’s easy to report on. Our system is now more efficient, transparent and saves lots of time.

Gates Power Transmissions

Roddy Edgar,

IT Manager

One word describes Singlepoint for us – invaluable. We use Visual Navigator on the shop floor and our users in the production environment have fingertip access to the correct revisions, and they enjoy using the system because it’s so quick and easy to use. The system is watertight at audit time as we can easily show the control and the full audit trail.


Nigel Cordiner,

Quality Manager

We’re using Issue Manager on a daily basis, but we’ve also created our own modules. We’ve created Stop Cards, Engineering Requests, Concessions and Management of Change. We are in the process of taking other manual systems such as workshop requests and tool failure reporting and working on bringing them into Singlepoint. It is an excellent system from my point of view.

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