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Change Management Process Software

Singlepoint Change Manager helps you track and manage the entire change process, right from the source and on to multi-departmental feedback, through to the implementation of the change along with the full audit trail and records archive.


Multiple workflows can sit in the background to handle different types of change, providing the complete solution regardless of the source or complexity.



We meet many customers for whom change is an ever-present fact of working life and often represents one of the most challenging business processes that they have to contend with.


Of course, “change” can apply to a whole range of subjects, most commonly changes to product design and / or manufacturing processes, but also operating environments, company structure and many others.


Done manually through spreadsheets and emails, the process can end up taking too long to complete and lacking in visibility.


Singlepoint is flexible and can be adapted to capture the unique way that each of our customers work, whilst benefiting from the over-arching features such as email alerts, automated task management, controlled stage approval, supporting document management and of course the full audit trail.


Change Manager is integrated into Singlepoint Document Control and can be further integrated into your ERP system to be able to ‘push and pull’ data. It also connects to Singlepoint Radar BI for instant dashboard and management reports.


Change Manager will help you eliminate your cumbersome, existing manual methods. It will help you save precious time and gain valuable insight into your process to see clearly where the risks and delays really are.


Because it’s flexible, it can be adapted to capture the full range of in-house as well as customer requirements, helping you to improve and comply, whilst making the process leaner and faster.


Customers and auditors will love the detailed audit trail and record management capabilities.

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