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Business Process Automation Software & Systems

Save time, increase efficiency, and take back control of wayward, underperforming processes.


The Singlepoint Business Process Management Platform has the power to transform tired, manual processes that seem to limp along in spreadsheets and home-grown databases into dynamic, automated workflow based applications that drive best practice, compliance and efficiency. 



The problem is a very common one: too many important business processes are being run and managed on fragmented, disparate spreadsheets and databases. The reason is simple; where else can you run them?


If there’s no home for these processes in your ERP (or similar) system, everything else just tends to land in office software tools.


This is a situation we continue to see time and time again but it’s one that we have solved just as often. 



The Singlepoint Business Process Management (BPM) Platform is a hugely powerful, class-leading 'no code' application design environment.


Drag and drop operation combined with a host of pre-configured workflow controls allows for the creation of simple or complex process-based applications.


For starters, all of the Singlepoint modules are built on this powerful Business Process Management platform, however we can also use the same platform to design custom modules in a fraction of the time it would normally take to develop software modules in code.


When your users are running processes through Singlepoint, the best practice is built in, so you have maximum control and compliance.


Singlepoint processes are fast to use, easy to learn and your users will have access to all of the relevant data that they need to get the job done better than ever before.


That is our goal – reduced time AND increased performance. Through better access to real-time data you’ll also uncover the true story of how your processes are really performing.

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