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One of the biggest challenges facing any business is getting access to instant and real-time data analysis and management reporting.


Whether you’re using Singlepoint or simply looking for a Business Intelligence (BI) solution to connect to data from an existing (non-Singlepoint) data source, Radar BI is a powerful but low-cost alternative to some of the over-complex and more expensive systems on the market today.

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Simple to use, powerful enough to deliver real results. Radar BI - why over-pay for functionality you're never going to use?

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The Business Problem

In our experience, we have found that many businesses struggle to combine all of their data into one place as the number of systems they use multiplies.


They might have an ERP system, a separate finance system, a time and attendance (T&A) system, a maintenance system, a CRM system – the list can be extensive.

Spreadsheets are used to try to record and track key measures, and overall the whole process can become nightmarish as you try to pull so many different data sources into one place, let alone analyse the results in an accurate and meaningful way.

Our Approach

Welcome to the Radar BI solution. Powerful. Easy to use. Competitively priced.


An easy to use business intelligence tool for executives and business users. Capable of connecting to a multitude of data sources (not just Singlepoint data) to display various data visualisation elements.

Radar BI is fully web based, has a fully WYSIWYG drag and drop designer and can connect to virtually any data source.

We've met a lot of customers over the years trying to using high-end BI tools and paying a premium price for functionality they don't really need or use. Radar has the functionality you need at a price you'll like.


More information

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