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Safety | Compliance | Agility

Process and Document Management Software

What we do

Our software products intelligently integrate workflow design, process automation and document management in complex and business critical environments to ensure safety, quality, compliance, and agility. 

Why it matters

For organisations that must ensure the highest standards and accuracy, the ability to align processes, people, documentation and instant review is critical.


Everything we do improves safety; for the employee, for your customers, for your partners, and for your company.

It is the attention to detail that counts.  

Safety comes from knowing that you have fully implemented best practice and regulatory requirements into all your critical processes.

Safety comes from integrating your people seamlessly into your processes.

And safety comes from ensuring training, skills, compliance and a culture of continual learning from events, experiences and detailed records.

And right now - with every company needing to adopt the highest levels of health and safety standards into all aspects of day-to-day operations, Singlepoint from Syncronology has never been more important.


In addition to ensuring the safety and welfare of your people, it is increasingly critical to ensure the same for the corporation.

Impacts on business continuity from rapidly changing legislation, regulation and governmental advisory guidance means that organisations are having to change business processes in real-time, on a continual basis.

If you get this wrong, not only is the safety of your people at risk, but the organisation is instantly exposed to litigation and penalty.

Singlepoint from Syncronology automates the complexities of integrating people, processes, legislation and record-keeping.


Successful organisations respond to their environments.  They are able to adapt, re-organise, re-deploy and move forwards.

Organisations that cannot do this are fine in stable times, but at huge risk in volatile and unpredictable situations.

Most businesses have long-established business processes and workflows, supported and enabled by unwieldy, cumbersome and poorly documented technologies.  Irrespective of the desire, determination or capabilities for leaders and staff, the systems simply do not allow for rapid process changes, along with the consistent and accurate capture of the essential - and increasingly critical - documentation that determines and records every aspect of execution.

Singlepoint from Syncronology intelligently integrates and automates highly complex, standards-driven business processes with the people and regulations that drive them.

The need to be AGILE and RESPONSIVE - with control and auditable quality - has never been greater.


Our clients include

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